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Local Judges Oppose Petition to Recall Judge McManus

Six Nevada County Superior Court Judges who no longer serve full time on the bench are asking the public not to endorse a petition to recall Judge Julie McManus.  This week backers of the recall petition were on the streets asking people to sign up.  It will take 9,400 signatures to put the recall on the ballot. The judges say in an open letter to citizens of Nevada County that the recall is a bad idea because Judge McManus has already removed herself from the bench as a result of her disability. McManus received a brain injury due to a fall in May of 2009.  The letter says the recall would have no effect on the disability retirement sought by Judge McManus but it would cost Nevada County taxpayers about $200,000 for a special election.  In the normal course of events, the Governor would appoint a new judge after her retirement process is completed.   That new judge would have to run in elections thereafter.  The letter is endorsed by Judges Frank Francis, Carl F. Bryan II, Ersel Edwards, Albert P. Dover, John Darlington and C. Anders Holmer.

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