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Local Non-profit Looking for Help

Two area animal non-profits are looking for your help. Susan Wallace with Scooter’s Pals tells the story of a dog who just found its forever home when tragedy stuck.

“We had a senior dog that finally found her forever home, her name is Sammie. She’s ten years old and she’s a German Shepherd and she goes into this perfect home and as luck would have it, falls off the couch and breaks her leg. We took her to the surgeon and we now have a huge surgical bill that we did not expect and if anyone is willing to help us with that, we would be more than grateful.”

You can Call Scooters pals at 274-2275 to help Sammy. Sammie’s Friends, another animal rescue group has 10 to 12 horses that need homes. Kristina Elliott with Sammie’s Friends warns horse breeders that people right now cannot afford to keep horses and there is more supply then demand.

“We have a gentleman that, unfortunately was breeding horses and I can tell you right now, for people that are breeding horses, there are no homes. People are not buying from breeders right now. So this gentleman just let it get out of control and wasn’t able to place them and we had another guy whose house was foreclosed on and he just left six horses behind. We don’t really have the facility for that large scale of a rescue, but we try to make it work.”

If you can adopt one or more of these horses you are encouraged to contact Kristina at Sammie’s Friends at 471-5041 for more information.

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