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Local Producer Featured in Festival

Tonight (Friday) is the first full night of the Wild and Scenic Film Festival, and one of the feature presentations was produced locally. San Juan Ridge educators Debra Weistar and her husband Tom made ‘Soul Migration’–a movie about the California Gray Whale and its near-extinction. Weistar says the film features local resident Chris Scammon, who is a direct descendant of Captain Charles Melville Scammon–a 19th century whaler responsible for almost wiping out the whales in Baja California, Mexico…

Listen to Debra Weistar 1

Weistar says not only did they come up with a good storyline, but they were also able to capture some extraordinary footage…

Listen to Debra Weistar 2

‘Soul Migration’ is 25 minutes long. It will be shown in the evening session tonight at the Nevada Theatre, and the afternoon session tomorrow at Stone Hall in the Miners Foundry.

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