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Local Raley’s Employees Walking the Line

Raley’s workers are continuing their strike today after some five-thousand employees walked off the job yesterday morning.  Three days of tense negotiations between the West Sacramento-based grocery chain and the employees’ labor union ended without a new contract. Locally, at the Grass Valley Raley’s in the Pine Creek Shopping Center, only the meat department is affected by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union action. Local meat department manager and thirty-year member of the UFCW, Patrick Hardy, is frustrated with Raley’s offer concerning health benefits.

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He is also unhappy with the offer to adjust Sunday and Holiday Pay removing current overtime and holiday pay formulas and offering a simple increase over regular pay.

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Currently union employees receive a minimum of double time pay for Sundays and Holidays.

The meat department at the Grass Valley Raleys consists of seven employees, most of whom are walking the picket lines.
Store manager Betsy Perez could only comment that customers are still shopping at the store and referred KNCO to the corporate office for additional comments. Picketers have a different perception of the strikes effects.

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It appears all parties are being polite with no obvious confrontations taking place around the store.

Raley’s corporate office started a new ad campaign today asking their customers to stick with them.
The strike is the supermarket chain’s first one in its nearly 80-year history.  Raley’s says they are struggling financially against nonunion competitors like Walmart.  The labor union says Raley’s demands are too steep.

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