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Local Task Force Receives Funding for Biomass Study

The Nevada County Biomass Task force announces they have received a grant  to do a feasibility study for building a Biomass  facility in Western Nevada County, ideally within a 30 mile radius of the Nevada  City – Grass Valley area.  Task Force Chair, Steve Eubanks says it is an important next step for  the task force that was formed 4 years ago to find a way to utilize excess woody biomass that is being generated by forest management, fire hazard reduction and property maintenance activities.

click here to listen to Steve Eubanks

Eubanks says the study will look at How much biomass is available and what kind of facility is best to utilize what’s available. and also  find a good location with transportation and tie-in to the local power grid and that will be economical to run.
click here to listen to Steve Eubanks

The  $45,000 grant to do the study comes from the US Forest Service Tahoe National Forest, the National Forest Foundation, the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District.   A request for proposals will be sent to  prospective contractors by early April with a planned contract start by early May.

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