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Local Tea Party Leader Supports New State

It was a campaign issue in many northern rural counties in the June election…whether or not northern California should break away from the rest of the state and form the State of Jefferson. Now a Board member of the Nevada County Tea Party and local State of Jefferson Steering committee chair is trying to get Nevada County to join the movement. Eddie Garcia presented his case during public comment at the Nevada County Board of Supervisors meeting yesterday…

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Garcia says most northern California counties don’t have the representation that the more populated counties do.*

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As a result, Garcia says they feel northern counties do not have a voice or representation in the state government. State of Jefferson proponents say the state has become too big and too diverse to be easily governed, and the 51st state would give them a better chance of governing themselves. Garcia says they will be holding a town hall-style meeting on the issue August 2, at Western Gateway Park in Penn Valley.

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