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Local Woman Found Passed Out at Stop Light

Local CHP officers had a difficult time with a woman found passed out in her car at a stop light. The Grass Valley CHP office received a call of a woman driving erratically on Brunswick at the Hwy 20 Westbound on ramp. Officers found the woman not far from the area, stopped at a signal light passed out. Officers got her out of the vehicle to the side of the road and determined the woman, 34 year old Kara Lynn Faulkenberry of Grass Valley to be under the influence. Officers further determined Faulkenberry was on probation and took her to the office for a blood alcohol test. At that point, Officer Marc Morrison says the woman began to resist officers.

CHP Officer Morrison on DUI Arrest

Faulkenberry was charged with DUI, the violation probation and for resisting arrest and booked into the Wayne Brown correctional Facility.

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