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Local Woman Hopes to Bring National Self Defense Program to Nevada County

A local woman is launching a campaign to bring the RAD self defense training course to Nevada County. RAD stands for Rape Aggression Defense system and is a nine hour -3 day course that teaches women how to recognize and respond to a threat. Kay Shwarzendruber completed the course in Chico to enhance her own personal safety and was so impressed with the program she began fundraising to make it available to Nevada county women.

“RAD actually started in 1989 by an officer named Larry Nadeau. He actually does have a third degree black belt in Karate, but he wanted to put together a program that was easy for women to participate with that had some of the strong basics of what you needed physically to defend yourself to get away quickly and defend yourself in an assault.”

DVSAC Director Nikko Johnson says they are helping Swartzendruber in bringing the RAD program to the area by providing a nonprofit fundraising umbrella for donations.

“They can visit our website at DVSAC.org and make a donation. In the memo, we do ask that they put ‘bringing  RAD to Nevada County’ so that money goes specifically for this program.”

It will cost $12,000 to set up the program and Swartzendruber has already raised $10,000 just by going to local service groups and organizations.   Grass Valley Police have also agreed to train instructors and to teach the program once the funding is secured.

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