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Locals Meet to Discuss Potential Effects of Fukashima Disaster

A group of local residents spearheaded by naturalists and herbalists is regularly meeting to discuss the effects of one of the largest nuclear accidents in history on Nevada County. In March of 2011 an unprecedented amount of radioactivity was released into the environment as result of the Fukashima Nuclear Plant meltdown following an earthquake and tsunami that hit northern Japan. Local herbalist, Marza Millar,  who is working in conjunction with Healthy Alternatives for All Locals (HAALo) of Nevada City, has recently monitored the presence of  radioactivity in rainfall patterns across Northern California.
Click here to listen to Marza Millar

The meetings are meant to raise consciousness and awareness of the potential effect that radiation could have on Nevada County. It is not intended to raise scare tactics.
Click here to listen to Marza Millar

A local psychologist, a biochemist, and contacts in the nuclear energy standards field, are participating in the meetings.
The meeting tonight is at Sacred Earth Medicinals across the street from the Stonehouse Restaurant beginning promptly at 6:00 PM.
For more information you can contact Marza Millar by phone or text at 530-263-7988.

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