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Lola Montez Property returns to Emmanuel Episcopal Church Ownership

Emmanual Episcopal Church in Grass Valley once again holds title to property adjacent to the church at 235 South Church Street known, as the Lola Montez   property.  The first time the church acquired the property dates back to the 1800’s when   a Placer Mining company gave the property to the church after it was mined out.                   

Congregation member Bert Barker says the church sold off the Montez lot early in the 1900’s to raise money to build a rectors house.

“Historically, that particular lot belonged to the church in the original grant and it was sold early in the 19th century to raise some money to build the rectory where our Rector, Seth Kellerman currently resides. So we’re really pleased to have that back.”

  In the 1970’s the Montez property was purchased by the Pioneer Association of Nevada County Trust   with the mission to restore the Lola Montez House, which was completed in the 1990’s.  Last spring the Trust contacted the church to see if they were interested in purchasing the property and they agreed seeing it as future space for it’s growing youth movement. The Grass Valley Nevada County Chamber of Commerce has been renting the Lola Montez house as an office and the church plans to continue to lease the property to the chamber for another 5 to 7 years when they expect to need the extra space for church youth activities.

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