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LOP Furniture Maker Awaits Board’s Decision

All he can do now is wait. Dennis Kocher, who builds furniture as a hobby and gives the furniture to military at Beale Air Force Base, has been told by the Lake of the Pines Association to shut down. Kocher has said it was the general manager of the association that had complained, and that he doesn’t even live in Lake of the Pines, but at a hearing before the association board last week, it was one of his neighbors that was the complainant…

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Kocher says he still has gotten 19 letters of support from his neighbors, who say that he doesn’t make noise, and is not a problem. A final decision from the Lake of the Pines Association board is expected sometime this week, and Kocher says he can be fined, told to shut down, or both, but he also proposed a compromise…

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No one from the Lake of the Pines Association has been willing to comment.

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