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LOP Stabber Plea Delayed

Brandon Riddle Terrell, the 24 year old man accused of stabbing to death a Lake of the Pines Man, was due in court to enter a plea yesterday but had his case continued by the court appointed public defender Jody Shuts to April 26th. Assistant District Attorney Anna Ferguson explains more time is needed to process evidence and witness accounts.

“We have a lot of outstanding discovery to get to the defense and his lawyer and I spoke about it and I told her my MCU crew at the Nevada County Sheriff’s Detective Unit are working superbly hard and they have been trying to collect evidence on two very serious cases. That being said, we’re trying to get all of our reports out to her so that she has a full understanding of the facts and can make good decisions about what to do next in the case.”

Nevada county Sheriff’s deputies responded to several 9-1-1 calls from the 11,000 block of Lakeshore North a few minutes after midnight Thursday February 23rd Sheriff Keith Royal says alcohol and drugs were both apparently in use at a small gathering at the residence when the suspect, 24 year old Brandon Riddle-Terrel of Petaluma pulled a knife and stabbed the victim 33 year old Ryan Roth of Lake of the Pines multiple times causing his death.

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