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Man Arrested at Sheriff’s Counter

A 31 year old transient identified as James Clark-Black went to the Sheiriff’s Office yesterday to pick up some personal property that was taken during his arrest last week by deputies. When the deputy began speaking with Clark-Black the deputy noticed the man was sweating profusely, was visibly grinding his teeth, signs consistant with being under the influence of Methenphatimine. When the Deputy asked the man if he was on anything, Sheriff Keith Royal says the man admiting he had.

Sheriff Royal

Clark Black asked that the meth pipe and his methamphetemine be given to his attorney so he could get them back after his court appearance and the Sheriff said the man refered to the deputy as your honor troughout the process. the Deputies arrested Clark-black for being under the influence of a controlled substance, for being in possession of a controlled substance, being in possession of drug parephernalia as well as for the probation viloation of using drugs while on parole. Clark-Black was once again booked into the Wayne Brown correctional Faciltiy.

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