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Man Arrested for False Imprisonment and Felony Vandalism

A wanted man told Emergency room staff he was out of control just before he was arrested. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says 55 year old John Barquilla of North San Juan was reportedly upset over something and began ramming his neighbor’s expensive gate to the property. While deputies were trying to locate Barquilla; his girlfriend of 29 years reported she had been held against her will for hours and he had fired a shot gun into the floor of their bedroom near her.

“She had been held at gunpoint and a shotgun discharged in her direction while in the bedroom of their residence. Apparently he’d become very upset with her and they got in an argument and he had told her to stay on the bed, she wasn’t to leave the bed, and in anger, actually discharged the firearm into the floor near the bed and then walked out onto the deck.”

The woman was able to get away from the home on Ivey Lane near North San Juan. Barquilla went to the emergency room at Sierra Nevada Hospital where he was taken into custody. He was charged with suspicion of felony vandalism, false imprisonment and shooting at an occupied dwelling.

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