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Marijuana Citation Appeals Heard Today

The next step in the marijuana ordinance process has begun. Hearing officers appointed by the Board of Supervisors began hearing appeals filed by the growers after Sheriff’s investigators determine the grower was in violation of the recently passed ordinance. One of the growers could not come into compliance because of the location of his garden. He was found to be to close to a city park and to close to the property line. He was asking the hearing officer to hold his judgement till the end of the month, until he could harvest his crop. The man asked that his name not be used, said up to the present the process appeared to be fair.
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After listening to the person making the appeal and Sheriff’s investigators the hearing officer said a decision would be given with in thirty days. A total of four appeals were heard this morning. An over-riding issue was the ordinance was put into place prior to allowing the growers to harvest their crop. More appeals will be heard next week.

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