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Marijuana Ordinance Public Hearing tomorrow

A Public Hearing on Nevada County’s newly crafted Ordinance regulating Marijuana Cultivation is scheduled for 1:30 tomorrow afternoon before the Nevada County board of supervisors. As it is being presented as a regular ordinance and an urgency ordinance, it could go into effect immediately if the Board of Supervisors votes to accept it and be amended in following weeks, pending a second public hearing. Sheriff Keith Royal, says it is important to establish some rules now, as the growing season is getting underway. Last growing season the sheriff’s office received several calls of complaint from residents about the odor that emits when marijuana plants, especially as they go into bloom. The new ordinance would regulate number of plants, setbacks from property lines, and fencing. It would prohibit growing marijuana in residences and limit grows in detached structures to 6 plants.
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The sheriff says he held meetings with citizen groups before developing the regulations.

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