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Mass Inoculation Exercise Declared Success

Nevada County Public Health Officials gained hands on experience in providing mass inoculations in a drive through setting at a free flu shot clinic today.
click to hear County Health Director Dr. Karen Milman

The long lines were trying the patience of  some people as they  inched their way  through the Twin Cities Church parking lot, the location for the event.

click to hear man in line

Nevada County Public Health Director Dr. Karen Milman says long lines are what  you can expect in a real event.
click to hear Dr. Karen Milman

There were 15 public health workers and volunteers  at the exercise and 4 nurses delivering the flu shots.   Dr. Milman says with the 400 plus doses of flu vaccine they gave out, that’s about one and a half minutes per shot.  This man didn’t seem to mind the wait.
click to hear man in line
CHP Officer Marc Morrison who was working traffic control says it seemed to go smoothly.
click to hear CHP Officer Morrison

Nevada County Public Health Department was assisted by neighboring counties who sent staff to serve as evaluators and give suggestions for improvement.

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