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Maximum Enforcement All Holiday Weekend

Law Enforcement is gearing up for a maximum enforcement period over the Thanksgiving Holiday period. CHP Officer Justin Barnthouse says starting Wednesday evening all available law enforcement officer will be focusing their efforts on drunk driving and traffic violations. Officer Barnthouse says the focus is on things drivers do that cause accidents.
Click here to listen to Officer Justin Barnthouse

Last year during the Thanksgiving season 44 people lost their lives on the California roadways. Officers also arrested over thirteen hundred driver for driving under the influence.  Officer Barnthouse is cautioning drivers with the approaching storm, to be extra cautious.

Two women were injured when their cars collided on Highway 49 Tuesday morning. CHP Officer Justin Barnthouse says the accident happened when the 34 year old woman from Grass Valley was driving her 2014 Subaru on Running M Road at the intersection of Highway 49. Officer Barnthouse says the driver saw a truck slowing on Highway 49 as if to make a right turn onto Running M.  Behind the truck was a 2005 Prius she never saw until it was to late.
Click here to listen to Officer Justin Barnthouse

The 63 year old driver of the Prius and the driver of Subaru both received non life threatening injures. Officer Barnthouse says make sure the way  is clear before you pull out.

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