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McClintock says Super Committee Wrong Way to Run Government

The Congressional Super Committee tasked with finding $1.5 trillion dollars worth of deficit reduction is racing against the clock. The committee has a deadline of November 23rd before automatic cuts are triggered. Our local Congressional Representative, Tom McClintock says and he believes the Super Committee is the wrong way to run government.


“The problem with the Super Committee is that it short circuits the constitutional separation of the two houses that is absolutely necessary for good decision making and worse, it sidelines 523 elected representatives of the American people while 12 hand picked representatives of the leadership meet behind closed doors. They make a deal and put it in the laps of the congress for a take it or leave it vote that can’t be amended.”


There is some speculation the Super Committee could pass a resolution that would move the November 23rd deadline back a few weeks indicating that they are not close to compromise on budget cuts

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