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McMann-Adrian Sentencing

Dillon McMann, the 22-year old of Roseville was sentenced to 11 years, 4 months in prison for the beating of 81-year old Jim Wright of Penn Valley with a tire iron April 18th of this year. McMann plead to all the charges of attempted murder, residential burglary, with a deadly weapon enhancement, assault with a deadly weapon with an enhancement of causing great bodily injury to a senior. John Adrian 19 of Auburn, plead no contest to an accessory charge, He is described as waiting out in a car during the attack.

Nevada County Assistant District Attorney Anna Ferguson says the victim Jim Wright, his wife, son and grand sons were in court and 3 of them made victim impact statements before Judge Sean Dowling.  Jim Wright told McMahan he was “mad as hell” about the beating and told McMann he could not imagine treating any animal the way McMann had treated him.    Both still face charges in Placer County. Assistant DA Ferguson describes McMann’s Placer charges.

“He’ll go to Placer County to proceed with his remaining car jack/kidnap counts and face whatever consequences are needed out there.”

Ferguson says John Adrian is hoping to get probation in Placer County.

“They’re still trying to argue for probation in Placer which they perceive to be a more conservative bench, meaning that he’s likelier to have stiffer consequences there. So they’re hoping that if they get a probation order from the Placer judge that that will carry weight in our county and somehow convince our local bench to give him probation here as well.”

Adrian is expected to be sentenced October 3rd in Nevada County.

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