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Measure N Funds Begin to Flow to Grass Valley

The City of Grass Valley has begun to receive its first payments funded through Measure N, the half cent sales tax increase, to be used for police, fire and roadwork within the city.  Grass Valley City Administrator, Dan Holler says the funds are slightly lower than projected- but it is only a conservative estimate of the actual amount.
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The estimate is approximately 70 to 80 percent of what should be received.
The amount is less than the monthly average the City budgeted, but Holler says it was known that the dollars would vary throughout the year.
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Holler says that traditionally springtime sales revenue fluctuates from year to year and then the numbers tend to grow from there.
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The City may be a little short of projections for 2012-2013 which include April, May, and June; but then should make up revenue moving into 2013-2014 in July.
The good news is that the dollars are flowing and are available to fund identified police and fire personnel expenditures as well as much needed roadwork in Grass Valley.

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