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Measure to Appropriate VLF to Transportation Passed

Assemblyman and Chief Republican Whip Dan Logue announced Thursday that his Assembly Bill 1352 unanimously passed the Senate Appropriations Committee.  This bill is sponsored by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, Assembly Bill 1352 addresses a conflict between the state budget passed in June, and a local ordinance passed by voters in Nevada County (Measure F in 1996).  The state budget included a $12 increase in the Vehicle License Fee (VLF) and directed the additional revenue to fund the Governor’s public safety realignment program, but Measure F requires that Nevada County spend 50% of all VLF revenue on county roads.  AB 1352 prevents the county from being forced to make additional cuts to public safety programs in order to comply with these two conflicting laws.  Logue calls it a win-win.


“We’re pretty pleased because to get the rest of the state to buy into it was very good. The bottom line is the county had certain regulations that would only allow it to go to local law enforcement, and what we wanted to do is make sure that you can use that VLF fund for transportation and local law enforcement. So I think it’s going to be a win/win for the community.”


The bill is sponsored by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, and is supported by the Nevada County Sheriff, District Attorney, and Probation Department. AB 1352 will next be taken up on the Senate Floor, after which it must be given to the Assembly for a final concurrence vote. An additional note, Assemblyman Logue has recently moved to Lake Wildwood on the 13th hole and says he and his wife loves it here.

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