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Meat Stolen From Ridge School

Sometime during the last week of Christmas break, someone got into the storage freezer at Grizzly Hill School on the San Juan Ridge and took  about 40 pounds of locally raised, organic beef and 50 pounds of organic rice  that had just been purchased for the Children’s lunches.  District superintendent James Berardi says  instead of using the central kitchen, Grizzly Hill  PTA fundraises to buy their own organic, locally grown food to  make the children’s lunches in their on site kitchen.  Their latest fundraiser just took place December 18th.  Berardi is not saying it was an inside job but the thief knew what they wanted.*

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Berardi says the alarm System and camera pointed at the food storage box was down at the time of the break-in but it has since been repaired. If there is one positive to this he says it’s the community response.*

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Berardi says it was a sad day when he got the phone call of the break-in but he’s glad to see there are some good people out there as well.

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