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Medical Marijuana Advocate Weighs in On County Pot Ordinance

Since proposition 215 passed legalizing medical marijuana cultivation in the state, cities and counties have set up an array of ordinances that seek to regulate where and how that cultivation can occur.  Under the law, patients eligible to use medical marijuana or their primary caregivers are allowed to grow pot.  Jedediah Biagi who says he is not a grower of medical marijuana but represents  legal, medical, especially the lower income, marijuana patient says he is concerned  a new ordinance that the county is expected to adopt next month will make it more difficult if not impossible for  medical marijuana users to obtain marijuana.

“It’s pretty clear and pretty much everyone accepts that some people up here have abused the system, the system of getting a medical referral and using it to grow their own medicine and not only grow it for other people, but just grow it purely for profit and that’s actually what this aspect is really addressing. We’re trying to address it as a nuisance because the federal government sees it as otherwise and that’s what this is really coming down to.”

 Biagi is also a citizen member of the committee giving input to the Nevada County Sheriff’s office on drafting the new   ordinance to establish some regulations as to size, location and other concerns over marijuana in a nuisance abatement ordinance.

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