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Medical Marijuana Grow Raided by Thieves

A medical marijuana garden was raided, but not by law enforcement. Nevada County Sheriff’s Sergeant Bill Smithers says the theft was reported early Saturday morning on Valley Vista Drive in Penn Valley. Sergeant Smithers says the thieves went into the medical marijuana garden and sniped of the prime tops of the plants. A car was located close to the theft along with a wallet and a cell phone. Sergeant Smithers says Deputies contacted the owner of the wallet, who was now a suspect.

“During the investigation they determined that the wallet and the cell phone possibly belonging to the suspect was actually a suspect in the crime. It looks like he was connected to it. It’s still under investigation, though. And it looks like the individual that owned the cell phone and the wallet happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Deputies are continuing their investigation into who was responsible for the theft, clearing the first suspects. Doctors are writing prescriptions for people to grow ninety-nine plants, so the number of plants in under the federal threshhold, of a hundred plants.

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