Rita Stevens

Rita Stevens


Rita Stevens joined KNCO as morning news anchor in 1999. She comes to KNCO following a 20 year career in journalism in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was a news reporter for KRON TV Channel 4 and KPIX, and earlier worked in the newsrooms at KNEW/KSAN radio. Rita is a graduate of San Jose State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. Rita says she came to Nevada County to enjoy the rural pace and finds working in a community radio station like KNCO refreshing. Her hobbies include bicycle riding, and quilting.

Medical Marijuana Packs the House at Supes Meeting

I almost didn’t get in to the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday afternoon to cover the Medical Marijuana growing ordinance proposed by the Nevada County Sheriff. It was a shove but the crowd was very polite in opening a path for me to the media table. For that I say Thank You. The estimated crowd was around 300 people and they were spilling out of the Supervisors chambers and into the lobby where many of them had to stand to listen to the hearing on external speakers. At least I had a chair and again I am thankful. The meeting went on for nearly 6 hours. I think it’s telling that of those that testified 13 were in support of an ordinance and 31 testified against it. Lets see what happens when the Supervisors visit the issue again on May 8.

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April 28, 2012

ali gator

Since we do not tell people they can not grow grapes or corn on their property I fail to see how the supervisors can discriminate and create an ordinance for this.

The truth seems to be that many who lost the battle to allow medical Mj are looking for any way to keep the people from having what they voted for. We already have laws that suffice and can be used when needed.

How much some one grows should be a matter left to the limits of their prescription and therefore between them and their medical doctor.

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