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Meet the Kellermans Sunday Night

Doctor Scott Kellerman left Nevada County for Uganda where he established a hospital and has been providing medical care for the majority of the last ten years.  The doctor provides free treatment to people    Jim Phillips from the Kellerman Foundation says Doctor Scott Kellerman will be at a reception at Saint Candice Hall in Nevada City, Sunday evening.  Phillips says Doctor Kellerman is known throughout the continent of Africa for his knowledge of tropical diseases. 

“Infant mortality rates have dropped substantially since the Kellermans have set up shop. It’s an area high in Malaria, in AIDS, the clinic has done great work at stopping maternal transmission of AIDS and a host of tropical diseases like malnutrition.”

 Phillips says this is an opportunity for people to meet a man and his wife who are truly making a difference in people lives. The get together is from five to seven at Saint Candice Hall in Nevada City, Sunday evening.   A donation is being asked  to continue the Kellerman’s  hospital and treatment.


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