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Memorial Planned for Homeless Advocate

Services are pending, and a memorial meal is being planned for a Nevada City homeless advocate. Thomas Streicher was killed in a one-car crash in Wyoming last week. Hospitality House Board President Joanna Robinson remembered Streicher at yesterday’s groundbreaking for Utah’s Place, which will become the area’s first permanent homeless shelter.
streicherClick here to listen to Joanna Robinson

Streicher founded ‘Divine Spark’ which not only offered programs to feed the homeless, but also provided other services such as allocation of donated motor vehicles and bicycles, pet food and veterinarian care, legal and job referral help, and even baseball practice. Streicher was on his way home from an Indian reservation in South Dakota, where he visited several times a year to provide food and donated items. He lost control of his car in icy conditions on Interstate 80. The meal will be at the Veterans Hall on Easter Sunday. There will also be a gathering at his Nevada City office on Friday. Streicher was 58.

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