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Merger Means Layoffs at Grass Valley, Miranda

There’s confirmation that the merger of Grass Valley and Miranda will be leading to layoffs.   Some 70 employees are slated to be let go between July 15th of this year and April of 2015.  The company Human Resources department says they expect the elimination of the affected employees’ positions to be permanent and no bumping rights exist.  None of the affected employees are represented by a Union, but  Christine Hoxsie, a staffing Specialist  with the One Stop Business and Career Center says their center has  already been working with the affected employees.*

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Besides the general services they offer Hoxsie says  the One Stop Business and Career Center will receive additional funding to more intensively   help people who have gone through large layoff or business closure. She says the Career Center has worked with  Grass Valley Group in the past.*

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The employees will have the option of retraining or relocating.  Hoxsie  says in the past laid off employees have had success finding jobs in the Reno and Sacramento markets as well as in Auburn, Marysville and Yuba City.

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