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Merry Widows Surpass 50K Mark in Scholarships

The Merry Widow Society of California passed an important milestone this year.  As of this 20th anniversary of the Nevada City Mardi Gras, the Merry Widows have raised $52,000 in scholarship money to  assist single parents who are going to college full time.  Member, Mary Ann Crabb says the Merry Widows   are a mad cap and fun-loving group of 12 women who are still going as strong as ever since the group was born in Wiley’s bar during Nevada City’s Joe Cain Days in 1993.

“You don’t have to be a widow. You have to have a desire to help the community and have a good time while doing this.”

To raise money for the scholarships the Merry Widows sell advertising in the Merry Widow Gazette, a witty newspaper that is published every year just before Mardi Gras. Crabb says about 40 single parents have benefitted from the scholarships funded by the ads sold in the newspaper.   Applications are accepted in the spring time and are available through the Sierra College Financial Aid office or the Nevada Union High School Career Center.

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