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Meth Bust on Bennett Street

A man pulled over for talking on his cell phone is now facing more serious charges. Grass Valley Police Sgt. Steve Johnson says 31 year old Michael Joseph Cameron was stopped by Grass Valley Police on Bennett Street, yesterday.

“A Grass Valley Police Officer was patrolling in the area of Bennett Street near the southbound access road in Grass Valley when he observed a driver who was driving and using his cell phone, talking on his cell phone while he was operating his vehicle. So he conducted a traffic stop for that violation and upon contacting the driver, he learned that he had a suspended license.”

Cameron was taken into custody for that violation. Then the Officer searched his vehicle and found several baggies that contained significant quantities of methamphetamine.

“There were also containers that contained prescription medication and other controlled substances, pain medications and things of that sort.”

because of the way it was packaged and the quantity involved, Cameron was booked and  charged with  not just possession of narcotics  but possession for sale as well, all felonies. Cameron was also charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, and driving under a suspended license, both misdemeanors.

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