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Mid-Afternoon Sewage Spill Tuesday

Traffic literally stunk  as a blockage caused sewage from the Grass Valley collection system to spill onto the Golden Center Freeway Tuesday afternoon. The spill and clean-up efforts cause traffic to be slowed as Caltrans, CHP and the Department of Public Works  collaborated to keep traffic moving as most of the spill was being reclaimed.
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Public Works Director, Tim Kiser,  estimates another 200 gallons seeped into the soil and 200 gallons made it into Wolf Creek.
Click here to listen to Tim Kiser

Water samples were drawn yesterday and today and will be taken again on Thursday. It takes five days to get test results.
Kiser says the city will receive the first set of water sample results on Monday. The signs will remain posted along Wolf Creek below the Highway 20 overpass and downstream of the water treatment plant until the city receives the appropriate clearance.

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