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Minimizing Wildlife Impacts of Brush Control

The Nevada County Resource Conservation District is presenting a seminar for property owners on how to reduce the risk of wild land fire but still keep enough habitats to sustain the wildlife.  RCD District Administrator, Jan Blake says they have hired a professional Brush clearing contractor to teach the seminar to learn how to promote wildlife habitat and accomplish your project goals.

“It’s for any size property and there is a way to clear so that you’re fire safe, but at the same time, creating islands and little pockets for the deer and birds to come. In fact, we’ve found, on many of our projects, that after clearing the property, there were deer there that we never saw before because it opened it up for them to access.”

The seminar will be Thursday January 19th from 6 to 8 pm. $5 per person and registration is required. There is space for 30 people to attend. Call the RCD at 272-3417 to sign up.

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