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Misconceptions About Dorsey Funding and the Connection to the Proposed Shopping Center

Several accusations made during public comment at Tuesday morning’s Grass Valley Development Review Committee meeting stated that the city mislead the public about the purpose and funding sources for the Dorsey Drive Interchange. The comments were made following feedback given about a proposed 26.75 acre shopping center that would be built to the east of the interchange. One comment was that Measure N funds were used to fund the Dorsey Drive Interchange and that development of the land for the proposed shopping center was needed to complete funding for the Interchange. Deputy Director of Public Works, Trisha Tillotson responds.
Click here to listen to Trisha Tillotson

If the shopping center eventually moves forward they will have to pay impact fees. Tillotson says that impact fees are paid on any property that is developed in order to cover infrastructure upgrades. Impact funds are not being used for the Dorsey Drive Interchange.
The public also made comments about traffic congestion and that the Interchange was supposed to ease traffic access to the hospital, Sierra College, and Nevada Union High School not entice new development.
Click here to listen to Trisha Tillotson

The Development Review Committee gave feedback to Genesis Engineering to allow the firm and property owners to decide whether or not to proceed with submitting a formal development application for the proposed shopping center.

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