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Missing Cat Found in Indonesia

A missing cat has been returned to a family after thousands of miles locked in a shipping container. Scott Phillips and his family recently relocated from the Grass Valley area to Jakarta Indonesia. Scott, a local engineer, is a mining environmental management expert. A shipping company dropped a container at their home; and packers worked quickly filling the container. The container went off to Indonesia. At dinner, Muffin the family cat was found missing. The family traveled to their new home. Six weeks after the container was shipped, Indonesian customs officials contacted Scott about a cat in the shipping container. Scott and family learned the container was opened and Muffin was inside; still alive. A local vet cared for the animal until Scott was notified. After several more days of medical treatment, Muffin is now back with the family. The cat survived for 48 days in a twenty foot long container with no food or water.

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