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Mixed Water Message

A mixed message from the Nevada Irrigation District when it comes to water conservation. The Board of Directors met this week (Wednesday) to discuss a recent order by the state to curtail stream diversions. N-I-D General Manager Rem Scherzinger says because of the state order, the district can’t store water anymore from its post-1914 water rights.

Click here to listen to Rem Scherzinger

Which could mean mandatory water restrictions instead of voluntary. The district has asked users to cut water use by 20 percent, which Scherzinger says customers have done, and done very well.

Click here to listen to Rem Scherzinger

Scherzinger says the Placer and El Dorado County districts have also seen good results from their customers when it comes to voluntary cutbacks. Scherziniger says that means the state board could look at other areas instead of the Sierra, if state water officials start thinking about mandatory restrictions.

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