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Mocktails Make for Delicious and Safe New Year

Community Recovery Resources and the Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County have  just completed their first ever Holiday Mocktail Contest to encourage hosts to offer delicious non-alcoholic beverages to their guests during the holidays.  CoRR Development Director Ariel King Lovett says the purpose of the contest is to blend a fun with the important message of being safe and responsible during the holiday season.
Click here to listen to Ariel Lovett

Mocktails are great for non-drinkers of all types-who are in recovery, religious, uninterested, or have health reasons, also for drinkers who’ve had their two drink limit and want to move to an alcohol free alternative, young people and designated drivers.
Click here to listen to Ariel Lovett

All the recipes submitted in the contest are posted on CoRR’s website at www.corr.us.
The contest winner received “Movies and Dessert” for two.

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