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Model T Accident Injures Driver and Passenger

A wheel falling off a vintage car caused both the driver and passenger to be ejected. CHP Officer Cindy Morgan says the accident was reported Saturday evening on Highway 20 near Ponderosa Way. A vintage 1920 model “T” was east bound when a mechanical failure caused the left rear axle to break. The model “T” began to spin after losing the wheel.

“Where the left rear tire axle broke, causing the tire to break off of the vehicle. His vehicle began to rotate counter clockwise and hit the guard rail on the south side. Both the driver and the passenger were ejected from the cab.”

The 37 year old female passenger was taken to Sierra Nevada Hospital with non life threatening injuries. The 45 year old male driver was treated at the scene. The classic car had been completely restored prior to the accident. Because of the vintage age of the car it was not required to have seat belts.

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