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Modern Day Hobos Catching A Ride

In a scene that used to be connected to the depression era, train hoppers on a Union Pacific train heading over Donner Summit, were spotted and cited for hitching a ride on a locomotive. Placer County Sheriff’s Lt. Alfredo Guitron says an engineer on a passing train spotted the modern day hobos in the rear of a train traveling in an opposite direction.
Click here to listen to Lt. Guitron

Prior to alerting the Sheriff’s Office, the two train engineers were in contact with each other.
Click here to listen to Lt. Guitron

Four individuals were removed form the train along with two dogs. The individuals were from Montana and Florida ages 20-34. The dogs were taken by Animal Control Officers.
Lt. Guitron says this is not an uncommon occurrence as people try to catch a free ride west into California or east through Nevada.

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