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Monster Trucks Rock Fairgrounds Arena

The Nevada County Fairgrounds Arena hosted more than rodeo and bull riding during the fair.
The Nevada County Fair wrapped up Sunday night with the car crushing and eardrum rupturing roar of Monster Trucks. One driver explains how he and the crew get ready to drive their rigs into the arena to climb, crush, jump, and spin over a challenging course to the thrill of a thousand fans.
Click here to listen to Monster Truck Driver

Strapped in like NASA astronauts waiting for liftoff…
it sounds like thunder as drivers punch-off when they get the green flag.
Click here to listen to Power of Monster Truck Engine (fades out)

Monster Trucks with names like Rock Star, Bone Crusher, California Kid, Shocker and American Graffitti competed in three events including Wheelies, Racing and, Freestyle where the drivers demonstrate their driving skills and the power of their trucks.shockertruck  monstertucks rockstartruck

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