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More Delays to ‘Raise 80′ Detour

Caltrans is almost ready to start their “Raise 80′ project, but not just yet. The state transportation department held a big media event Wednesday to promote the project, but did not announce the exact date when the first bridge will be lifted. The Magra Road overpass is the first in the 36-million dollar project that will be elevated to meet federal standards of 16-feet 6-inches above the roadway, and a two-night detour will send traffic through Grass Valley and Nevada City. Caltrans spokeswoman Deanna (Dee-ANNA) Shoopman says the closure won’t take place until at least next month…

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The original date was in May, but there were delays with the contractor, and the date was pushed back to late July or early August. Shoopman says prep work for the project is now getting underway…

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For more details about the project, Caltrans has set up a website, www.raise80.com.

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August 9, 2014


Why not leave the bridges alone and ship oversized loads, and other loads for that matter,and ship by rail. Much cheaper and much more fuel effeciant and less pollution,etc,etc. I think their is a sinister reason for this,16-1/2 feet is 5 meters which the United Nations can haul their military equipment throughout our country for the NWO, New World Order. Prophosy is being fullfilled in our life times. Think about it.

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