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Motor Recovered in Grass Valley Arrests

Suspicious activity around 3:15 Monday morning caught the attention of an alert Grass Valley Police officer. Sgt Steve Johnson says that a patrol officer spotted three individuals in a parking lot on Dorsey Drive.
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Unable to initially locate the subjects as they apparently attempted to allude him, the officer began searching the area and saw a white Chevy pickup truck turn on headlights and drive out of a nearby parking area. After making a traffic stop on the vehicle he came upon 5 subjects in the truck. Two of  the subjects were on searchable probation. An initial search turned up drug paraphernalia
Click here to listen to Sgt Steve Johnson

The passenger, Katherine Sartain, 28, of Grass Valley, was arrested for possession of the paraphernalia and violation of parole.
Upon further investigation, the officer located a Yamaha outboard motor in the bed of the truck.
Click here to listen to Sgt Steve Johnson

The driver of the truck, Brandon Burr, 33, of Grass Valley- also on probation-  could not explain how or why he came into possession of the outboard motor which was valued at over 2,000 dollars.
Burr was arrested for allegedly receiving stolen property. Both Burr and Sartain were taken into custody and booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility.

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