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Mountain Stream Mediation Awaits Use Permit at Zion St. Site

The Mountain Stream Meditation group is hoping to get final approval for their new Meditation Center to open on Zion Street in Nevada City.   Mountain Stream Meditation received the property located at 710 Zion Street from an anonymous donor and intends to turn the former single family residential property into a meditation center offering classes, retreats and special events. The meditation hall has a capacity of 49 people The Nevada City Planning Department approved the use permit subject to a list of conditions regulating lighting, noise, no overnight guests, and no second party rentals to any groups outside of Mountain Stream Meditation Center. Classes are also to be scheduled to offset the area peak traffic hours from 8 to 8:30 am and 2:30 to 3 pm.  President of the Board of Mountain Stream Meditation Stuart Calcy, says their use permit will come up for comment again during Wednesday’s Nevada City City Council meeting.

“The final issue surrounds this business about will the use permit survive if the property is ever sold? And of course, from our perspective, it’s never going to be sold. We’re making an investment here in our community.”

A public hearing will also be continued at Wednesday night’s council meeting for those opposed to the Planning Commission Approval of the Use Permit. Testimony will be limited to only new information not previously considered by the city council.

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