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Multiple Accidents- One Driver

A Grass Valley man accused of drunk driving  is in jail after he hit two cars and injured one person. CHP Public Information Officer Marc Morrison says the series of accident started when 52 year old David Warnhoff  backed into a a 1995 Ford Windstar at the intersection of Zion Street and Ridge Road, Monday evening. Officer Morrison says Warnhoff then fled the scene of the accident. A mile away Warnhoff then hit another car.

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Officer Morrison says Warnhoff abandoned his Chevrolet pickup in the Morgan Ranch area. After an hour of searching Warnhoff was found walking without shoes in Morgan Ranch. The passenger in the Cadillac was not seriously injured. As a result of the injury Warnhoff was taken into custody for suspicion of felony hit and run and driving under the influence.

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