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Music in the Mountains Young Composers Project

Music in the Mountains Young Composers Project has received a grant that is allowing students to do a scientific study of the Yuba River and then to write music about what they have learned. The Program called “Prelude for Yuba Salmon” is a collaborative adventure between Music In the Mountains and Sierra Streams Institute. Twenty Seven students ages 10 to 20 are in the program. Sierra Streams Institute Education Director Kelly Hickman is using both field and lab work to teach the students the plight of the salmon and their importance to the health of the region’s watersheds.
Click here to listen to Kelly Hickman

Mark Vance is the Education Coordinator for the music side of the project and is also looking forward to hearing the music the students will create that responds to their experience with the river.
Click here to listen to Mark Vance

The experience, inspiration and process will be captured in a 20 minute documentary film, where the music created will also serve as the score for the film, and will be submitted to the 2015 SYRCL Wild and Scenic Film Festival. KVIE TV has also agreed to air the documentary when it is completed.

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