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N-I-D Seeks $2.6 Million Drought Relief Grant

The Nevada Irrigation District is going after over two-and-a-half million dollars in state drought funding. The proposed project, called the Rock Creek Siphon, would allow the district to move water from the Combie-Ophir Two Canal to the P-G-and-E Rock Creek Reservoir in North Auburn. That reservoir is currently supplied by P-G-and-E’s Bear River Canal, which failed a couple of years ago. N-I-D Assistant General Manager Tim Crough says the over 37-hundred feet of pipeline would also help out other agencies, including the Placer County Water Agency…

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The 2.6 million-dollar grant application is due July 21. The district is expected to hear in August or September if they are likely to receive the grant. If they do get it, N-I-D should start seeing the money next spring.. Crough says he thinks the chances are good…

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The District Board of Directors authorized N-I-D staff to seek the grant at their meeting today (Wednesday).

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