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Nate Beason wins Firefighters Endorsement for Supervisor

CDF Firefighters, representing the rank and file professional firefighters of Cal Fire in Nevada, Yuba Placer counties, have endorsed Nate Beason for reelection to 1st district Supervisor.  Joe Ten Eyck, Special Assistant to the President of CDF Firefighters Association says Nate Beason for the last two terms has demonstrated a heart-felt support for public safety, both fire and Law enforcement and has a great depth of knowledge about public safety issues. TenEyck cites Beason’s 30 years in the Navy where he retired as a Captain.

“He knows what it’s like to both be in harm’s way and to be responsible for people who go in harm’s way. There isn’t a moment when he’s here as the Supervisor that he’s not conscious of that and his first and last thoughts are for the betterment of the county and that’s why we’re pleased to be able to do this again.”

This is the third time the CDF firefighters have thrown their support behind Nate Beason in his run for district one County Supervisor.

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