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NC Jewish Deli Night

The 3rd Annual Deli Night is this Saturday (9/24) at the Miners Foundry from 5 til 8.  Members of the Nevada County Jewish Community Center and co chairs Jay Sondheim and Jerry Waxman say because the community lacks an authentic Jewish Deli, their group will recreate one Saturday night and Waxman says they use the same supplier utilized by famous delis like Katz in New York or Cantors in Los Angeles.

In addition the bread will be supplied from Max’s deli and Sondheim says a new addition will be hot dogs.

“Also, a very important thing is that we have those quarter pound, kosher, Jewish hot dogs from Hebrew National; the ones that are the star of the county fair.”

Entertainment will also be provided.  Tickets for the all you can eat event are twenty dollars in advance, children 12 to 4 are 10 dollars, 3 and under free and are available at the Briarpatch and the Bookseller. 

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