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NC Sheriff Keith Royal identifies Lake of the Pines Stabbing Victim

Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal has released the identity of this morning’s Lake of the Pines Stabbing victim as 33 year old Ryan Roth of Lake of the Pines.

Nevada county Sheriff’s deputies responded to several 9-1-1 calls from  the  11-thousand block of Lakeshore North  a few minutes after midnight this morning.. Sheriff Keith Royal says alcohol and drugs were both apparently in use at a small gathering at the residence when the suspect, 24 year old Brandon Riddle-Terrell of Petaluma pulled a knife.

“Our suspect stands up, brandishes a knife and makes a comment ‘he is not going back to jail’. It appears the victim, for some reason, whether to restrain him, thinking he was going to hurt someone or the suspect would hurt himself, tries to restrain his holding the knife and the next thing that occurs is our suspect turns around and stabs our victim multiple times causing his death”. – Sheriff Keith Royal             

Riddle-Terrell then fled in a vehicle and was pursued by Placer and Sacramento county deputies and the CHP and was eventually taken into custody and booked at Sacramento County jail. . Sheriff Royal says the suspect has refused to give a statement to investigators.  Riddle-Terrell has a no bail violation of probation warrant out of Sonoma County out for his arrest.

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