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NCCFD Affirms Interest in Sharing Administrative Chief With Other Departments

Nevada County Consolidated Fire District  Board of Directors last night voted  to proceed with the development of an agreement in the west county that would allow them to share administrative personnel, be that a chief or whatever is necessary. Board Chair Warren Knox says the vote was unanimous. He says the item did not mention other fire districts in specific, but sends the clear message that Nevada County Consolidated is committed to sharing resources.  The Joint Operations Agreement that allows participating fire departments to  jointly respond to calls for service was also under review last night.  Knox says directors wanted to look at workers comp, insurance coverages and other issues so that they will know how to legally handle any potential problems that might arise from an   accident or failure of one of the employees or similar scenario.

Chairman Knox  says the search for a new fire chief is still underway. *
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Knox says people at the Chief Officers  level in California get a significant wage based on those years of experience. In the Los Angeles area the chief officer salaries are up in the 150 to 200 thousand dollar range.

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The next meeting of the Nevada County Consolidated Fire District Board of Directors will be next Tuesday February 25 at 7pm to continue items from the Thursday February 20th agenda, to consider the appointment of a fire chief, Review and possible action regarding the employment of a District Captain, and Review and possible action regarding the employment of a Finance Manager. The district’s current manager is out on medical leave.

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